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Relationship facts! 10 Facts that will Just blow your Mind

There are so many people around us who dream of falling in love and having a partner by their side with whom they can share all of their life’s greatest moments and its most difficult obstacles. Love is somehow taken to be one of the strongest and yet the powerful drug. It bonds people as altogether and sometimes makes them do one such kind of the crazy things.

But, Do you know the fact that by getting into the relationship chemically changes your brain?

But much of all can happen for sure. You might do not know the fact that there are so many surprising and interesting relationship facts behind the love that will blow your mind off.

Do you want to know about those unique relationship facts?


Relationship Facts 1:

All the way by holding the loved one’s hand can reduce the stress at best. A 2006 study in the journal Psychological Science by neuroscientists at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Virginia revealed has been carried out that the married women under extreme stress felt immediate relief just as after holding their husbands’ hands.

So from now on, make sure that anytime your partner is in stress you know what to do. Hold their hand tight and give them a couple of compliments. which can help to remove their stress!


Relationship Facts 2:

Getting into the love relationship hence triggers the same type of the Euphoria as the cocaine. There are the full range of the euphoria-inducing chemicals mentioning with adrenaline, oxytocin, and dopamine that are released in 12 areas of the brain. It does happen at the time when the person falls in love. This report has been conducted as according to Syracuse University researcher. In simple falling into the love seems like the best way to get a natural high.


Relationship Facts 3:

Most of the couples that are too much likely as concerning both physically and in personality, they are hence less likely to have a long-lasting relationship. This is in comparison with those that are in the distance relationship. This has been reported by the researchers at Colombia University who wrote in a study for the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. This is somehow taken as the medium of the differences that make us more compatible.


Relationship Facts 4:

It has been researched conducted by the Japanese doctors that the broken heart in a relationship syndrome in the 1990s. This has been all characterized by sudden heart failure that has been brought on by emotional trauma. However, this condition in a relationship is somehow taken to be extremely rare.


Relationship Facts 5:

By looking at the photo of the person in a relationship you love the most can reduce the level of stress. There has been a greater reduction in pain when shown pictures of their boyfriends. So if you are all the time stuck at the emergency room and are in agony conditions, then flip through your phone and look at photos of your loved one pictures.

One sided relationship

One sided relationship

Relationship Facts 6:

As you would looking into your lover’s relationship eye your heartbeat will synchronize. A 2013 University of California has undergone with the study that the couple’s breathing patterns as well as heart rates matched after sitting near one another. This is such a fantastic relationship fact to learn!


Relationship Facts 7:

By getting into the One-sided relationship of love it would make you so incredibly creative. By thinking about the love, it would let the people feel more “globally” and give them the ability to just come up with new ideas. This study has been revealed in the report as according to A 2009 study by researchers at the University of Amsterdam.

Do relationships work

Do relationships work

Relationship Facts 8:

Getting into the love relationship often changes the brain in the ways that are similar to the obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you are deeply in love but were nursing broken hearts looked at your lover’s photo, this hence triggered the dopamine system in the brain.


Relationship Facts 9:

When it comes to the long-term relationship, so many people choose with the pretty face, then with the right body shape. In the long term relation, the men priorities shift depending on what they want in a mate as with facial features. This is all the more taking on more importance when it comes to the long-term relationship is the goal.


Relationship Facts 10:

In any relation, the people hence gravitate to those who are having the same level of the attractiveness. It has been based on the current research that the people who tend to date who are similar in attractiveness to ourselves. It means that if your husband is a 10, then you must be too!

Every single person do have some the Monogamy relationship advice to impart, but still how much do we know about being into the love and attraction? Relationships are somehow taken to be full of twists and turns, which do make them endlessly quirky and interesting to study.

You might do not know the fact, but the best friends prepare for the happiest married couples. As per according to the study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, the USA in the year 2014 relationship marriage does even improve well-being, that is essentially thanks to friendship. We all know that friendship is a key mechanism that explains the fundamental connection just as between relationship marriage and life satisfaction. The honeymoon phase of the love is all about the soaring levels of passionate love, and also the timeline of the powerful feelings of attraction Polyamory and ecstasy. Well, the study conducted by the University of Pavia in Italy in the year 2015 unveiled that the honeymoon phase lasts about a year. But there are few of the things which you should never ask your boyfriend or partner if you want to be in the long-term relationship. Few of them we are mentioning below:


Questions you should Never ask your partner


1. Tell me how much do you love me?

Men are said out to be one such kind of human being who are secret expressive to the person whom they love. Never question your man how much do they love you as sometimes this question can irritate them a lot.

2. Will You spend time with me by giving up your hobbies?

Men always get pissed off with the question of leaving hobbies and staying in the trap of relation all the time. You should not be cutting them off from the world. They do hate it a lot in a relationship. It can also destroy your relationship and make it unhealthy!

3. How Often do you Masturbate?

Men love to do sex with their partner but asking them questions about the masturbating habits would sound much weird and odd for them. Keep this relationship advice in mind.

4. Will Your parents be staying with us after marriage?

Never think about asking this question from your man!

5. Are you In?

Men do not like when they are being questioned about their dick even at the time of making love.


6. Who would you Choose Between your best friend and me?

Don’t you dare to ask this question as they might be stabbing you in their mind.

7. Will You leave me if your ex-girlfriend wants you back?

Such type of questions do hyper the mindset of the man. They do take your mind as the silliest thing in the whole world. Sometimes the answer is not always “NO.”

8. What sort of change do you want to bring in me?

Never ask this question from your man as they would be correct on your face and stay honest for sure.

9. At what length you can prove your love for me?

A man does not need any lengths, limitations or boundaries to prove their love for you. Now that’s a silly question to ask!

10. Which thing do you like the most about me?

Men are not at all calculative just like the women. If they love you, they will love everything about you. They will never calculate your weak and bad points separately.

Open marriage

Open marriage

11. Can we still be Friends?

A man can never be put into the friend’s zone. He can either be your love or nothing! Never say this question to any man whose heart has been broken by you.

12. Will you leave your property and wealth for me?

If you ask this question, trust me, you deserve an award!

13. If I died, will you marry or date someone else?

Difficult to answer but silly too! How can someone died so suddenly in the next second!

14. What was our first kiss date?

Your man can remember your birth date or the date you met for the first time. But remembering your first kiss date would be so silly to question

15. How many women have you slept with?

Asking him about such questions would be best to put him in an awkward situation. They hate answering it!



Talk About Amazing Qualities of a Partner:

What sort of qualities have you been looking for in your future lady in a relationship dating? Do you want her to be supportive and to be caring and affectionate towards you all the time? Well, that’s not all! Showering love and care are common to be held in all the ladies and each single man desire to be loved by her wife. But at the same time, there are many more qualities that a man looks into his future wife. Do you want to know which are those?

Quality No 1: Not Demanding for Change:

When your lady love is not demanding you to get change, then it means that she loves the way who you are. Girlfriend is not less than a support system who always stood by you in thick and thin time of life. Mostly girls demand the change in behaviour, but a real lady will love you as you are.

Quality No 2: Supportive in Long Distance Relationship:

A true lady who is sincere with you in her relation will always compromise with you in the long distance relationship. For them, the communication gap is not a big thing to argue on. She is the person who should be appreciated at the time and get married to. This will make your mind to learn that Do relationships work in the long distance!

Quality No 3: She Excites you All The Time:

After a tired day, she does know that how to keep your mind fresh and alive. She always tries to come up with some new things together and try to attract towards you. This freshness can be tested at the time when you both will be talking together for so many hours.

Quality No 4: Makes You Feel Light in Conversation:

After a day of ups and downs, her one phone call makes your mind fresh and lively; then she is the perfect lady to get married to. You will feel yourself light in the conversations done with her. If you have such a lady in your life, you are blessed.

Quality No 5: Concerned About Sex Life:

No relationship can exist without the sex life, and this is certainly a fact. A true girlfriend does know when she has to make her man excited. Therefore she is all the planning out something new and interesting for her to make their sex life exciting.

relationship advice

relationship advice

Quality No 6: Taking your Family as Her Family:

If she is in a sincere relationship with you, then she is not concerned about your but about your family as well. She does take her family as your family. She would show kindness and loving gesture towards you and your family members all the time.

Quality No 7: Having an Intelligent Girlfriend:

Intelligent girlfriend is simply a blessing in any man living. They do let their man know exactly where they are wrong and what sort of life decisions they should take in life. In their close time, they always stood with her loved ones.

Quality No 8: Giving Respect is Important for Her:

In any relationship giving respect to one another is one of the important main foundations of any relation. If your girlfriend is showing you respect, then marrying her is one of the best decisions of your life.


If Your Boyfriend Does These Things, He Truly Loves You!

Happy Couples

Happy Couples

Are you confuse that whether your boyfriend loves you or not? Most of the times in any relationship there do come the point when you find everything much tricky in expressing. You might be dating someone, but you are not sure of the fact that whether it is true love or not. Do you want to whether your boyfriend loves you or not? Let’s teach you with some of the common and best signs to get an idea whether your boyfriend loves you or not!

1. A Romantic Text of Good Morning:

Does your boyfriend wish you a romantic good morning text every single morning? If yes, then this is undoubtedly their true love to let you know that you are on their mind as they wake up.

2. Gets Happy To See Your Smile:

For them, your smile means the world for them. They get happy eventually as a smile comes on your face. In simple, for them, you are the light of his life and be proud of it.

3. Listens To You Patiently:

Girls have the habit of talking in a continuous tone. If your boyfriend is listening to you patiently, then they are much in love with your talk. They will never complain if you are talking too much. They love the way you talk.

4. Give Respect To your Opinions:

They will always respect your opinions. He will simply be taking your opinion into their consideration. This is how they show respect and love towards you.

5. He Gives you Most of the Bed:

They will let you take most of the space in the bed. Now that’s what we call a boyfriend a perfect keeper.

6. Always There For Help:

No matter whatsoever situation you are trapped into, they are always there to help you. They will be your doctor in your sickness. They will stay with you in every single hard time of life.

7. Remembers Important Moments:

Does your boyfriend remember all the important moments he spent with you? This shows that these moments have left an influenced mark on his life towards you.

8. Give Surprises For No Reason:

They love giving you surprises all the time. They love to send you chocolates when you are depressed. These small little things in a relationship show that how much they have fallen for you.

9. He Likes Everything You Like The Most:

They love to attend to all those things which you like to do. He does like to accompany you all the time as they do care about your interests and likeness.

10. Stays Romantic With You All The Time:

He doesn’t even waste a single minute when he is not showering his love and romance on you. He is spending time with you all the time.

11. He is Proud Of You:

They treat you all the time just like the princesses. They will boost your confidence in all small achievements you make. This does happen in a One-sided relationship.

12. Always Protective About You:

They are always ready to defend you in front of your friends and will always speak in your favor. This is an important relationship rule.

13. Love to Do Cuddling:

If your man loves you truly in a marriage, they would love to hold you close and cuddle with you.

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